BOA-Small & Rugged ,Designed for Extreme Industrial Environments                     


Main Features 

• Fully integrated smart vision system
• Mono and Color CCD sensor options
• Ultra small form factor 44 x 44 x 44 mm
• Industrial IP67 Housing
• Easy application setup via Laptop or PC
• M4 mounting holes on each surface
• Connects to standard vision lights
• Utilizes factory M12 style cordsets
• No software to install

GEVA-Multi Camera Vision Appliance

Main Features 
• Expandable camera solution drives down system cost
• Supports GigE area or line cameras with mono or color
• High-performance, multi-core processor for demanding
• Dedicated interfaces for setup and runtime control
• Choice of application software to suit user need and     experience
• Full complement of vision capabilities and factory
communication options
• Small form factor enclosure

• Storage: 320GB
• Program: 2GB
• CPU: 2.4Ghz Dual Core
• Camera Ports: GigE x2
• Comm: GigE, RS232, USB (x2)
• Display: VGA
• Inputs: 8 + 2 triggers
• Outputs: 8 + 2 strobes
• Power: 12-30V
• Temp: 0-45C
• Mount: DIN Rail
• Size: 20 x 12 x 8 cm
• Compliance: CE, RoHS 

iNspect-Vision Systems Software


Easy User Interface
• Graphical point and click interface accessed via web browser or local          keyboard and mouse
• Localized with different languages
• Easy camera, trigger and lighting setup via slider controls
• Versatile icon driven tool palette
• Flexible communication options
• Administration control and data logging
• Emulator for offline application development

Flexible Camera Solutions

• Multi camera compatibility offers low-cost per camera solutions. Each license   can support up to 8 cameras. 
• Supported by analog (via Vision Appliance), Firewire or GigE camera 
• Flexible range of image resolution 640x480 to 1600x1200 
• Mono or color imagers 
• Synchronous and asynchronous part triggering 
• One click color calibration


Sherlock Vision System Software


Powerful Development Interface

• Graphical point and click program construction enables rapid prototyping
• Moveable and resizeable windows offer optimal developer layout 
• Versatile Region Of Interest options for processing flexibility 
• Monitor and reporting windows provide immediate status feedback 
• Instruction tool bars allow quick access to program functions 
• Built-in editing and debug tools

Camera Flexibility

• Full support for Teledyne DALSA analog and digital (CameraLink) frame           grabbers
• Compatible with both Area and Line scan cameras with mono and/or color       format imagers 
• Directly connects to Firewire, GigE (Teledyne DALSA) and USB cameras 
• Allows mixing of imager type, resolution and interface in the same application 
• Supports synchronous and asynchronous triggering

Genie Cameras

Main Features 
• Combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology with Teledyne DALSA’s 
• Trigger to Image Reliability framework to dependably capture and                transfer images from the camera to the host PC
• Highly sensitive CCD and CMOS sensors with global  shutters 
• Available in a variety of resolutions ranging from VGA to 1600 x 1200 in both color and monochrome.
• C models (color, e.g. C1024), the M models (monochrome, e.g. M1024), and    the H models (high speed, e.g. HM1024).  
• Lens options that include mounts for C- or CS-type lenses and right-angle       lens mounts 
• The Genie family offers the flexibility for almost any application 

VA61-Versatile Vision Controller for Multi-Camera Applications


Main Features
•Cost-effective multi-camera solution
•Expandable to 4 or 8 cameras
•Ideal for color or mono applications
•Supports 2D image resolutions to 1600x1200
•Supports 1D image resolutions to 2048
•Facilitates camera cable lengths up to 100 m
•Flexible trigger and I/O options
•Pre-installed application interfaces for all levels of expertise

Vision Capabilities
•Flaw Detection 

VA51/52-Line Scan Vision Appliances

Main Features

•Cost-effective multi-camera solution
•Choice of camera type and resolution
•Powerful embedded processor ensures fast inspection times
•Rugged system for online or offline inspection
•Universal solution for end users,integrators and machine builders

Vision Capabilities

•Flaw Detection

VA40E/41-High Performance Vision Appliances for Multi Camera Applications

Main Features

•Cost-effective multi-camera solution
•Choice of camera type and resolution
•Supports color or mono applications
•Fully equipped with industrial grade I/O
•Pre-installed applications for all levels of expertise

Vision Capabilities

•Flaw Detection 


VA15,VA3X-Compact Vision Appliances for Dual Camera Applications

Main Features
•Compact DIN mountable device
•Single or dual camera inspections
•Suitable for tight-fit camera applications
•Pre-installed applications for all levels of expertise
•Image resolutions to 1600 x 1200
•Quick connect/disconnect wiring 


 Vision Capabilities
•Flaw Detection